Friday, October 14, 2005

Why I'm using and blogging Gmail more again

For awhile there I wasn't using Gmail that much nor blogging about it (obvious from viewing the archives, I suppose) but since I've decided not to renew my .mac account this week and use Gmail in its place on the Mac, I am back in the groove again. This also means that there were probably be an increased focus on Mac-related Gmail information at this blog, but I still use Gmail occasionally on the PC side too.

I updated the blogroll and dropped most the links there because the blogs hadn't been updated in many months. If any of those bloggers happen to start updating their information again then please drop me a line so I can add you back.

Other blogs I contribute to
For all Mac blog coverage, you can read my Mac blog. That is updated a couple times a month on average, so it's a low volume read. PHP users can read my PHP-scripts Blog which is updated roughly five times a week. The most frequently updated blog I've written for since July 4, 2003 is Things That ... Make You Go Hmm which covers news, reviews, opinions and muse on a wide variety of topics, primarily web/tech-related, but sometimes other topics. This is a high volume, high content value read, but can be subscribed to by keywords, so it is possible to subscribe any time I write about Gmail only over there: MakeYouGoHmm "Gmail" keyword RSS Feed link
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